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About Us

Dmon Healthcare Company Limited

is a company that produces and sells whey protein (powder), GMP standard, as of  the Food and Drug Administration Thailand standard. Production license number 13-1-26861 under the brand name DMON WHEY through sales representatives in various domestic and international channels. By carefully selecting the best raw materials, premium grade. We care in every single production step, from the manufacturing process until we launch products to the consumers. You can assure that our products are high standard and quality. Furthermore, we produce whey protein as OEM (Original Equipment Manufacturer) for your own brand. According to the minimum production volume of only 100 kilograms, starting at 400 baht per kilogram. We provide FDA submission service including packaging: foil, plastic container. We can develop variety of formulas also flavors as your requirement.

2015 imported whey in sacks of raw materials
2016 distribute to beverage business as raw materials
2016 registered DBD
Research and formula development
2018 Registered on behalf of the company and established a company

Dmon History

From a passionate of healthy life style. We have researched and tried product ourselves in a various ways.

We search for and select the best ingredients that are beneficial to the body. We have worked various academic research papers through trial research and development with supporting of expert and becoming a Dmond brand

Our factory produces high quality whey protein. Importing of various sources worldwide. We use number 1 raw whey material then manufacture in Thailand for people to consume good quality whey protein with reasonable price.

We select the best raw materials from around the world.

Whey protein imported from America. Best raw materials worldwide.

For the best product for consumers

Whey protein

We importe whey protein from the United States of America to produce in Thailand. Premium brand Glanbia Nutritionals, which is considered the world number 1 highest quality of whey protein. Therefore this can be assured in terms of quality of excellent production process. Start from the environment of raising cows, milking raw milk to the meticulous production process whearas certified by the United States Food and Drug Administration, (FDA) and many more international standards including GMP, HACCP, HALAL and many other awards.

Milk powder

We use high quality milk powder from Fonterra, Auckland which has been sold in Thailand which contain unsaturated fat very low at less than 1% Fonterra is a manufacturer and exporter. New Zealand milk and dairy products. Awarded by international standards ISO26000, ISO 5000, NZS 3598: 2000 level 2 and many more prizes.

Collagen bio active peptide

We use collagen from Wellnex whearas the best collagen peptide in the world. Controlled production by Nitta Gelatin Inc., who is the No.1 leader in the production of collagen peptide in Japan. Collagen peptide is a tiny molecule that is 1,000 times smaller than natural collagen, therefore it easily absorbed into human body. Also, it will be delivered directly to the dermis effectively.

GOS prebiotic

This ingredient is an imported product from Korea. Rich in GA lactose, oligosaccharide with high concentration of more than 73%, low energy and it is in a good prebiotic group , helps to balance the bowel and increase immunity.

International Standard Factory

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Dmon Brand got FDA approval in accordance with GMP standards. Worries free about cleanliness, safety production as we met international factory standards procedure.  “Dmon Brand” can be found on FDA website as below.

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Dmon Brand received the “Halal” logo which is a symbol that the Halal Affairs Committee of the Central Islamic Committee of Thailand or the Provincial Islamic Committee has allowed the operators to stamp or show on the label. Any product or business using the symbol called “halal” is guaranteed that Muslims in ,general, can completely consume food or goods with no doubt.

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Dmond Whey has passed the nutrition testing and verification from the SGS Institute. SGS (Thailand), a company specializing in inspection, testing and system certification as a world-class organization which is more than 100 years old. They have been doing business in Thailand for more than 60 years and worked in the inspection, testing and system certification for both domestic and international companies before the product can commercially sale in Thailand of more than thousands of companyies.