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Whey protein

We do whey protein production and packing.

We cannot deny that healthy life style is trending in this era. Fitness and health business are surely trending. Dmond can serve you with various types of whey protein, several grades based on the minimum requirements. We also accept whey protein packing as well.

Milk powder products

Milk Powder Production, Soy Milk Products 3 In 1

Aside from the expertise in producing whey, Dmond Healthcare also produce dairy products e.g. milk powder, soybean powder, 3 in 1 products, including packing of various milk powder

Food supplement

Dietary supplement, packing food supplements

Dmond Healthcare produce dierary supplements which meet the needs of today’s problem. Whether it is a product to strengthen muscles, burn fat, nourish the skin, the products of the elderly, reduce stress and sleep. We do packing food supplements as well

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